Cerebral Palsy Resources


For people that have cerebral palsy and those caring for them, life can be difficult and often times a very frustrating journey.  Fortunately, thanks to the technology of the modern world, many resources are available to make sure you have exactly what you need to live a life as independent as possible.

My Scents of Hope was created to help families connect with others facing the same dilemmas, but there are several other resources available to you as well.  Make sure you take advantage of these resources to get all the help you may need!



  • United Cerebral Palsy-The United Cerebral Palsy, otherwise know as UCP is the largest non profit agency and was created in the 1940’s when people with disabilities were typically institutionalized.  Today the UCP works with over 80 affiliates to educate and provide support to ensure a life without limits for individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy.
  • Origins of Cerebral Palsy-An online discussion board, organized by the Neurological and Physical Rehabilitation Center, covering topics including treatment plans, legal material, basic information on cerebral palsy, education information and adult topics.  Here you can find some great links to activities for children living with C.P.
  • State Assistive Technology Programs-A federally funded program to help individuals with disabilities gain access to assistive technology devices.
  • World C.P. Day-An organization located in over 50 countries committed to making sure individuals with cerebral palsy have equal rights and access to the same services that we all have.
  • Reaching for the Stars– The largest pediatric Cerebral Palsy nonprofit foundation in the world led by parents, with a focus on the prevention, treatment, and cures for cerebral palsy.



Financial Assistance For Individuals with Cerebral Palsy


  • Social Security Disability Benefits-Individuals withCerebral Palsy Help cerebral palsy qualify for SSI, but this benefit is based off of income.  To see if you qualify, visit the social security website and apply today!
  • Medicaid or Medicare-A medical assistance program for people with disabilities.