Learn About Essential Oils

Learn About Essential Oils

Learn About Essential Oils

Essential oils have truly been a blessing and a gift from this earth to my family in a time when we needed them most.  I’m so excited to be able to share what I know with you.  Come and learn about essential oils with me!

Essential oils are the most AMAZING things I have discovered in a long time.  They are totally worth investing into as a part of caring for your family.

What is an Essential Oil?

Have you ever stopped to smell a rose as you walked past a rosebush?  If you answered yes, you have already partially experienced essential oils. These oils are made from compounds found in the seeds, stem, bark, flowers or roots of plants.  These oils are the same oils that care for and protect our plants found in nature.  They have been used in healthcare practices throughout the centuries.

Essential oils can be used for many physical and emotional applications and are used in three different ways.

  1. Topical usage of essential oils:  Oils are easy to use and can be applied directly to the skin.  They absorb quickly into the bloodstream and have an immediate affect on the area they are targeting as well as throughout the body.  Essential oils have been used for years in massage applications to promote relaxation.
  2. Aromatic usage of essential oils:  Essential oils can be diffused into the air via essential oil diffusers to clean and purify the air.  While certain oils can be calming, other oils can be stimulating.  Aromatherapy is based off of the bodies response to olfactory stimuli and is very therapeutic.
  3. Internal usage of essential oils:  Some essential oils have the powerful antioxidant properties and support a healthy inflammatory response with our cells.    It is important to understand that while some essential oils are safe to use as dietary supplements, there are some that should not be used internally.  Those that are safe will have dietary supplemental facts listed on the bottle.


Be sure that you are aware of where your products come from and what they contain.  Your oils should be 100% pure and organic, free from toxins that surround our environment today.  I have chosen to use doTERRA’s essential oils for my family and fully trust their products.

Follow all warnings and never use essential oils in or around the eyes, nose, or ears.  If any irritation occurs from using essential oils, dilute the oil in coconut oil or another carrier oil of choice before applying them, or purchase the oils in pre-made rollerballs.

You are in the right place if you want to learn about essential oils and I’m more than happy to make sure you have the knowledge to use them successfully.  Contact me through the contact form above in the right sidebar and let’s talk about  the oils that are right for you!



Whether you are new to Essential oil and needing more information,  ready to jump into the world of essential oils buy purchasing a starter kit of your own, or want to build a business of your own with the biggest essential oil company in the world, I’m here for you and have a wealth of information waiting for you.

Learn about Essential Oils

Purchase Essential Oils


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