Special Needs Labels….

Ugh, the dreaded special needs label…

When talking to others, how do you bring up your child?

The first thing that comes to mind to me when I’m talking about my family is that I have one with “special needs.”  Just the thought of that label just feels wrong.  To me she’s more like an angel, but saying something like, “I have one amazing, special needs labelsstrong, angel.”, just doesn’t sound appropriate and I’m sure that one would cause quite a confusion, but that is exactly what she is to me!

The worst question you can hear from someone is, “what’s wrong with her?”.  Maybe from now on the response should be, “Nothing, what’s wrong with you?”  After all, nobody is perfect.

There has to be a better way to describe our child then by saying they have special needs or they are disabled.

Don’t get me wrong,  understand that sometimes the label is necessary.  When applying for benefits, speaking with medical professionals, or when we are dealing with educational differences.  Even in these situations, the child is labeled for what they can’t do, but what about what they can do?  Is there a way to create a label that captures their strengths rather than their weaknesses?

How do you feel about labels?  What are your thoughts? Can we come up with an awesome way to describe our angels?